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Need to hire a Female Stripper for your Bachelors or Bucks Party? Look into ala-carte options and select accordingly.
  • Package typeBachelors
  • Locationmacau
Ala Carte Offers
Nightclub Table Reservations
$150 ea.
Rooftop Club Table Reservations
$150 ea.
Villa Reservation
$150 ea.
Yacht Reservation
$150 ea.
Minivan Transfer
$90 [ One Way ]
VIP Host
$300 ea.
Party Girls
$450 ea.
Male Models
$450 ea.
$900 ea.
$250 ea.
Sexy Waitress
$450 ea.
Topless Male Model Waiters
$450 ea.
$250 ea.
$250 ea.
Sushi Girl
$1,200 ea.
Female Stripper
$1,000 ea.
Male Stripper
$900 ea.
Spa Therapist
$600 ea.
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